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Unlocking Corporate Value - Lessons From Private Equity

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Join us to hear our panel of directors and experts identify the strategic, operating and governance factors that drive success at private equity-owned companies and how those factors differentiate PE portfolio companies from their public company counterparts. Our discussion will address the most im ...

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The NACD NY Chapter Board of Directors is proud to acknowledge the NACD NY Chapter members named to this year’s Directorship 100 list. The Directorship 100 list recognizes outstanding directors and governance professionals who have shown exemplary leadership and a commitment to excellence. We extend our sincere congratulations! 

Director of the Year: Catherine A. Rein

Hall of Fame: Irvine O. Hockaday, Jr.

Directorship 100 Directors:

Irene C. Britt                                                      Roberto G. Mendoza

James C. Lam                                                   Barbara A. Yastine

Ellen R. Marram                              

Governance Professionals:

Michael J. Aiello                                                   Stephen R. Howe                                                            

Maureen P. Bujno                                                 Ira T. Kay

Eileen Cohen                                                       Joann S. Lublin

Richard J. Daly                                                     Megan Murphy

Julie Hembrock Daum                                           Justus O’Brien

John P. Drzik                                                        Gregg H. Passin

Michelle Edkins                                                    Tim Ryan

Margaret Engel                                                     Steven G. Scheinfeld

Steven Epstein                                                      Andrew Ross Sorkin                                                       

Thomas Farley                                                      David N. Swinford

Robin A. Ferracone                                                Joe Tarantino

Laurence D. Fink                                                   Anthony W. Tatulli

Holly J. Gregory                                                    Kim A. Van Der Zon

Robert Greifeld                                                      Bruce G. Vanyo

Bonnie W. Gwin                                                    Charles Weinstein

Steven E. Hall                                                       Alex Wittenberg

Eric Hosken

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